Forms Migration Services

Texcel has helped both large and small organizations achieve operational efficiencies by helping them adopt new e-forms environments to enable data capture, document generation and business process automation. We are experienced with large enterprise forms migrations.

We will assign a team to your project with experience in all the relevant disciplines including forms conversion, project management, quality assurance, software development, and our FormBridge software. Our skilled team will ensure that the project is completed quickly, accurately, and follows best practices.

We have worked with many of the major e-forms environments and are experienced with conversion from both current applications and legacy software such as InForms, OmniForm, JetForm, Adobe Output Designer, FormFlow, and FormFlow 99.

Our goal is to make customers self-sufficient and we provide customer training to ensure you are able to perform ongoing development and maintainance of the forms after the conversion has been completed.

Conversion Profile: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
♦  Conversion of 1,400 pages of forms from JetForm to InfoPath 2010 browser based forms.
♦  Made the forms Section 508 compliant so they can be completed by visually disabled people.
The forms speak when a screen reader is installed.
♦  Standardized data values for many fields used across multiple forms.
♦  Provided on-site training for DEA staff.