Create Editable, Fillable LiveCycle Forms

FormBridge® is the fastest and most accurate way to migrate forms to LiveCycle

Convert from most applications
Convert from PDF, Word, Excel, PureEdge/IBM, and almost anything else into native LiveCycle forms. Includes migration from legacy products such as JetForm, OmniForm, InForms, FormFlow, and more.

The best PDF conversion
Converts traditional PDF files into editable, fillable LiveCycle forms quickly and accurately.

Automatically creates fields
Automatically generates fields to make the forms fillable, even when the originals have no fields. This can save you hours on each form.

Intelligently formats text
FormBridge breaks text into words, lines, and paragraphs the way a person would. This makes the forms quicker and easier to update when you need to change the text.

Advanced graphical editing capabilities
FormBridge includes an advanced graphical tool for reviewing the conversion results, identifying if adjustments are needed, and making corrections. This enables you to generate perfect LiveCycle forms.

Advanced conversion from PureEdge/IBM Forms
Converts the form layout, fields and their properties, digital signature definitions, calculations, Section 508 accessibility text, and more.