Convert Forms to IBM Forms

FormBridge® is the fastest way to convert your forms to IBM Forms!

Convert from most applications
Convert from PDF, Word, Excel, and almost anything else into native XFDL files for IBM Forms. Includes migration from legacy products such as JetForm, Adobe Output Designer, OmniForm, InForms, FormFlow and more. The converted forms are fully editable and can be maintained using the IBM Forms Designer.

Produces more accurate forms
Forms created with FormBridge maintain the look and feel of the original documents with minimal cleanup. They are more precise than most people can create by hand. It is the most accurate way to convert forms to IBM Forms.

Saves time
Save more than 90% of the time to convert your forms. Even a one page form can take more than a day to create by hand. With FormBridge, the same form can be converted in minutes. It is the fastest way to convert forms to IBM Forms.

Automatic field creation
Automatically generates fields to make the forms fillable, even when the originals have no fields. This can save you hours on each form.

Intelligent text formatting
FormBridge breaks text into words, lines, and paragraphs the way a person would. This makes the forms quicker and easier to update when you need to change the text.

Powerful graphical editing tools
FormBridge includes a powerful graphical design tool to touchup your converted forms and/or modify the forms design. Change multiple objects with a single command. Group objects and save as reusable form components. Join, split and rewrap text. and much more…

Eliminates errors
FormBridge reduces the chance of errors that are easy to introduce when creating a form by hand.

Used for conversions of all sizes
FormBridge has been used for large enterprise conversions with thousands of pages of forms.

Easy to use
Creating forms manually is difficult, even for designers with years of experience. FormBridge makes form creation easy.