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Add Advanced Print and Document Generation Capabilities to Your Forms

The FormBridge® Print Engine adds advanced printing and document generation capabilities to your InfoPath/SharePoint forms.  It also provides an improved user experience.

Advantages over native InfoPath printing:

Provides virtually pixel-perfect PDF quality printing for your most complex forms, even when printed from a browser.

Local save
Filled browser forms can be saved as PDF files on the local system for archival purposes.

Shrink-to-fit printing
If a user enters too much data causing a field to scroll, the Print Engine will compress the text so everything prints.

Document generation/assembly
Create transaction based documents with no programming required. Use simple rules to control document creation and printing. The rules can select pages to include in the document or change text on the printed page based on data entered into the form. Uses include applications for government, legal, insurance, banking, and other industries.

Multi-part printing
Print multi-part forms with variable labels and/or data on each part.

Mixed-orientation printing
Supports printing of forms with a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.

Eliminates InfoPath print dependencies on browser settings
With the Print Engine, InfoPath browser based forms will print correctly every time.

There are two versions of the FormBridge Print Engine

Server Print Engine – for InfoPath/SharePoint browser based forms
♦  installs on the SharePoint Server
♦  high performance – scales to large numbers of users with quick response times
♦  runs silently in the background, no management required
♦  supports SharePoint 2013/2010/2007

Client Print Engine – for InfoPath client forms
♦  installs on the client systems with the InfoPath client.
♦  small footprint, quick install
♦  supports InfoPath 2013/2010/2007

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