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Create New InfoPath/SharePoint Forms and Update Forms Faster

FormBridge® has a precision graphical designer that creates native InfoPath forms.

Create new forms
Design forms without InfoPath table constraints. Position, size, and align objects anywhere on the page. FormBridge automatically generates InfoPath layout tables to create precise forms. It's easier to create sophisticated forms and great for rapid prototyping. FormBridge makes forms development accessible to more people in your organization.

Powerful graphical editing tools
Change multiple objects with a single command. Group objects and save as reusable form components. Create calculations quickly with auto sum/multiply. Rotate, join, split and rewrap text. and much more…

Update forms
The design of a form may change, perhaps many times, over it's lifetime. You can update your forms with InfoPath.  But updating forms with FormBridge is much faster and easier because it eliminates the need to redesign the InfoPath layout tables.

Merge changes from InfoPath
You can add advanced features such as validations, rules, and data connections in InfoPath, make layout design changes in FormBridge, and then merge them to generate a new version of the InfoPath form. FormBridge works with InfoPath to enable life cycle maintenance of your forms.

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